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FIS Rules of conduct

The modern carving technique has brought many advantages and an entirely new slope experience to the skier. Even with the jaunty waist-line, sleek edges and constantly well-prepared slopes, the risk of skiing accidents persists. In addition to the appropriate caution and wearing a ski helmet, every ski fan should have a command of the valid FIS rules and take them into account.


Summary of the FIS rules of conduct:

  1. Consideration for other skiers and snowboarders
    Every skier or snowboarder must behave in such a way, that they do not endanger or impair others.
  2. Control of the speed and style of skiing
    Every skier or snowboarder must move in control. They must adjust their speed and style of skiing according to their ability and the terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as traffic density.
  3. Choice of route
    Skiers and snowboarders approaching fellow riders from behind must choose their route so that they do not hinder those in front.
  4. Overtaking
    You may overtake from above or below and to the right or to the left but always only at a safe distance so that you do not hinder or restrict the movements of skiers or snowboarders that you are passing.
  5. Entering, starting and moving upwards
    Every skier or snowboarder, who wants to enter a marked run, start again after stopping or swing or proceed uphill, must check above and below, to make sure that they can do so without endangering themselves or others.
  6. Stopping
    Every skier and snowboarder must avoid stopping in a narrow area or one with limited visibility, unless it is an emergency. A skier or snowboarder that has fallen, needs to clear such areas as soon as possible upon getting back up.
  7. Ascent and descent
    A skier or snowboarder climbing up, or walking down by foot must do so at the side of the slope.
  8. Heeding the signs
    Every skier and snowboarder must pay attention to markings and signs.
  9. Assistance
    Every skier or snowboarder has a duty to assist in the event of accidents.
  10. Identification obligations
    Every skier or snowboarder, whether a responsible party or witness, must exchange identification and contact details in case of an accident.