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Body styling & forming

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Top Cellulite Treatment

A record-breaking slimming treatment for belly, legs and buttocks: Lose more than 1 cm from your waist after only 4 treatments! The warming shaping wrap can “melt” away unsightly flab. The slimming massage which follows has a long-lasting modelling effect. The result? Less visible cellulite, smoother problem zones, fewer stubborn fat deposits.

Package price for 4 treatments
Price: € 439,00
60 minutes of pampering
Price: € 118,00

D-Age - Tightening Anti-Ageing Treatment

Slimming treatment for perfect body contours. Shape your entire body with a 3-fold effect: Slimming, toning, skin quality. After an exfoliating treatment to smooth your skin, your dream silhouette is refined, toned and remodelled using a sculpting massage.

60 minutes of pampering
Price: € 108,00

Top Cellulite Treatment (Copy)

A cooling and toning treatment for the problem areas of the body. Your silhouette becomes toned and smooth. Ideal for hard and soft cellulite as well as varicose veins, and during pregnancy to prevent the formation of stretch marks and elastosis.

60 minutes of pampering
Price: € 124,00
90 minutes with ultrasonic
Price: € 190,00
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