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Heavenly facial treatments

Let yourself be divinely pampered with the finest cosmetic products by our spa team at the TOP Mountain Spa. We look forward to bringing out your full radiance.

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REVIDERM manager treatment

The treatment for anyone who is very busy and wants intensive treatment in the shortest possible time. High-quality products in connection with a circulation mask and the Reviderm hydrolage supply the skin with what it needs, support stimulated cell activity and restore your skin to its former youthful radiance.

120 minutes of pampering
Price: € 199,00

REVIDERM super skin peel

Microdermabrasion is effective in combating wrinkle formation and many other skin problems. The skin once again becomes radiantly beautiful with a sleek and wellcared- for look. Signs of ageing, fine wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation
and scars can be treated with high levels of precision.

60 minutes of pampering
Price: € 135,00
90 minutes with hydrolage
Price: € 179,00

REVIDERM classic

For older and tired skin.
If your skin appears pale and dull or impurities have become noticeable, it is time to give your skin a break. Experience the joy of a classic facial treatment with the
dermocosmetic products from Reviderm! Penetrating ingredients are what makes this treatment unique. Let yourself be pampered!

50 minutes of pampering
Price: € 134,00


For sensitive skin.
A high-quality special treatment to restore balance in „stressed“ skin that desperately needs a chance to recuperate. Helps restore the balance of your skin.

50 minutes of pampering
Price: € 98,00

REVIDERM eye care

This treatment is specially designed for much-needed regeneration of the sensitive and demanding area around the eyes. Active substances smooth the skin and ensure a balanced skin metabolism.

25 minutes with hydrolage
Price: € 44,00

REVIDERM Rebalance Hydro Impact

For dry, irritated skin.
This calming treatment with intensive, penetrating moisturisation restores the balance of the skin quickly and lastingly - for even and smooth skin. The detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect works in particular to restore the smoothness of complexion of sensitive, irritated and rough skin.

80 minutes with hydrolage
Price: € 159,00
Skin Contouring classic - Premium line - Luxus pur

Skin Contouring classic - Premium line - Luxus pur

Pure luxury - a treatment to appeal to the discerning female customer. For unrivalled deep skin moisturisation, rejuvenation and repair of the very highest order, this
treatment combines state-of-the-art active ingredients, ultrasound and the special effect of the “face and neck design” masks.

90 minutes of pampering
Price: € 239,00

Skin Conturing high class - Premium line

Pure luxury - a treatment in which microdermabrasion is used to stimulate challenging skin areas after a process of light pore refining. This treatment likewise combines state-of-the-art active ingredients, ultrasound and the special effect of the “face and neck design” masks for unexcelled effectiveness.

110 minutes of pampering
Price: € 269,00

Phytomer Pionnier révélateur de jeunesse

Wrinkle smoothing within 1 hour.
The ultimate treatment for face, lips and cleavage. With 2 professional masks and a “new skin effect” finishing lotion, this treatment boasts the utmost biotechnological efficacy and leaves you with rejuvenated, firm and radiant skin. The special modelling facial massage rounds off the effect of the products to perfection.

75 minutes of pampering
Price: € 159,00

Phytomer Souffle marin oxygenant

Detoxifying and oxygenating treatment
for impure skin and a dull complexion.

That unhealthy facial sheen and dullness of complexion and those impurities disappear as if by magic with this treatment. The skin is clarified, detoxified and replenished with oxygen. For a clear and fresh skin texture with finer pores.


Also suitable for teens

55 minutes of pampering
Price: € 98,00

Phytomer Hydra blue

Refreshing, detoxifying moisturising treatment.
An optimal combination in which the skin is detoxified and enriched with oxygen, and, at the same time, the water reservoir is saturated and nourished using weaving algae. The skin is moisturised and toned, becoming velvety soft and smooth.

Also suitable for teens

50 minutes of pampering
Price: € 94,00

Phytomer Douceur marine apaisante

Care for sensitive and irritable skin and rosacea. A marine alternative for beautiful, carefree skin: Women with extremely sensitive skin find it more difficult to reveal their natural beauty to its fullest extent. For them, Phytomer has developed a skincare line whose products calm, repair and strengthen even the most sensitive, allergy-susceptible skin. This treatment uses active ingredients including seawater and coral extract to impart a calming effect reducing redness and heating, and strengthening blood vessels. For sensitive skin prone to rosacea.

60 minutes of pampering
Price: € 118,00

Phytomer Contour radieux

Special care for the eye area. The delicate areas of the eye need special care. The CONTOUR DES YEUX treatment firms up the skin around the eyes. Wrinkles, crow‘s feet, dark circles and bags under the eyes are alleviated, and the visible result of this treatment, which can be booked with any facial treatment of your choice, is a radiant and revitalised-looking face.

25 minutes of pampering
Price: € 39,00
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