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The secret of the stars in America!
What is known as “ironing out the wrinkles” is already very popular among the stars in America! The new multi-polar RF system KONTUR MD brings about noticeable toning and contouring effects even after the first treatment and reduces long-term age-related skin sagging after only 4-6 treatments. KONTUR MD stimulates collagen and elastin formation. The healing of microscopic skin lesions reduces wrinkle depth and substantially improves the appearance of the skin. Also suitable for male skin.

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Package price for 4 treatments

Package price for 4 facial treatment
Price: € 295,00
40 minutes facial treatment
Price: € 85,00

Body treatment

In the treatment, the radio waves bring about the targeted warming and activation of the collagen fibres in the epidermis, causing them to contract and generating an immediate toning effect. In addition, the stimulation of the subcutaneous tissue results in the formation of collagen. The resulting effect is the smoothing out of wrinkles. A lasting effect is achieved after a further 6-8 treatments.

Package price for 4 treatments
Price: € 335,00
45 minutes body contouring
Price: € 95,00
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