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Nail care- Perfect maintenance to the fingertips

Impeccably groomed hands make the perfect first impression. We take care of beautiful hands. We use the same brand as the Hollywood stars - specially developed nail polishing system for your finger and toe nails. Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish- The Brand of Hollywood Stars


The advantages of Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish

  • Durable for 3 to 4 weeks
  • Immediately dry & scratch-resistant
  • No splintering of the varnish
  • Protect and strengthen the natural nails.
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SPA Mani Station

SPA Mani Station

The anti-ageing manicure system for perfectly cared-for hands. This service includes a complete programme of skin care for the hands and nails. A relaxing hand soak and peeling provide a supple, soft feeling for your skin. After the nails are sculpted and cuticles removed, your hands are treated and massaged with a nutritive cream.

paraffin treatment (surcharge)
Price: € 16,00
45 minutes of relaxation (without paint)
Price: € 58,00
SPA Pedi Station

SPA Pedi Station

The aromatherapy pedicure system - wellbeing for your feet. This service includes a complete foot, nails and skin treatment. In addition, your feet will be pampered with a peeling, an intensive moisturising mask and a relaxing foot massage. Your feet will get a new lease of life after this treatment.

paraffin treatment (surcharge)
Price: € 14,00
50 minutes without nail varnish
Price: € 59,00

Colour service

Nail varnish (normal coating)
Price: € 20,00
french-look gloss gel polish
Price: € 60,00
French varnish (normal coating)
Price: € 25,00
in combination with mani sation or
pedi sation: ARTISTIC-colour gloss-gel polish
Price: € 35,00
in combination with mani sation or
pedi sation: french-look gloss gel polish
Price: € 40,00
ARTISTIC-colour closs-gel polish
Price: € 55,00

Paraffin Treatment

Dry skin becomes soft and supple once again with the paraffin treatment. Promotes blood circulation and safeguards skin elasticity.

15 minutes of pampering
Price: € 24,00

Shape & polish

Shape & polish
Price: € 22,00
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