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Indulging body treatments

Soothing care products are applied to your body with circular movements. Next, you relax on a waterbed, “wrapped” in cosiness and comfortable warmth (approx. 37 °C), and enjoy weightless relaxation. The treatment takes the load off the back and spine. The pores of your skin open so that the active ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the skin. Velvety smooth skin is the dream result.            

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Goat Butter Packing

Slimming algae mask
Feel light and relaxed, like you are on a cloud: a fullbody algae mask in a warming cocoon with figureenhancing, fat-decomposing active substances from the sea for purifying, toning and the drainage of excess water. A modelling massage with marine trace elements and a body-shaping cream actively contributes to a slimmer silhouette. At the end of the treatment, you will feel light as a feather.

60 minutes of pampering
Price: € 108,00

Cleopatra goat’s butter mask

Cleopatra’s treatment for a youthful complexion. Especially suitable for dry skin. The special active ingredients of goat’s milk and the natural oils will refresh your skin, making it as soft as velvet. Cleopatra herself loved these precious ingredients for their unparalleled pampering effect. Enjoy pleasantly fragrant and silky-smooth skin just like Cleopatra once the mask has been removed.


Recommendation: Combine this pack with a Cleopatra bath!

30 minutes of pampering
Price: € 49,00

Evening primrose oil mask

The ideal care for irritated and sensitive skin with precious active ingredients. Evening primrose oil is one of the most precious oils in the world - the active ingredients of evening primrose oil, calendula extract and much more besides have a nourishing effect in particular on sensitive skin. The evening primrose oil mask also prevents premature skin ageing and can be useful for skin problems such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

30 minutes of pampering
Price: € 49,00

Moorland and Alpine herbal mask

A very special skin treatment from nature. Goat butter penetrates the skin layers deeply, leaving an intensive, lasting and wonderful feeling of warmth throughout the skin. Regenerates dry and sensitive areas and restores the natural balance of your skin.


Recommendation: Combine this mask with an arnica and mud bath!

50 minutes of pampering
Price: € 58,00

Regeneration & anti-ageing mask

For the beauty of your skin. Brewer‘s yeast with a high proportion of vitamins is a true fountain of youth for your skin. Balanced combinations of the extracts can result in positive effects on cellulite and scarring as well as on the skin and the connective tissues.


Recommendation: Combine this mask with our beer broth bath and a “pfiff”, or little measure of beer! Alone or à deux ...

40 minutes of pampering
Price: € 53,00
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