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The SkinNeedler for face and body


For over a decade, micro-needling has been the secret weapon of anti-ageing methods for the treatment of aesthetic skin problems. With micro-needling, you benefit from natural protective functions of your skin: The method takes advantage of the rule that your skin tissue regenerates itself immediately after very small injuries.

Cell growth and regeneration:
Micro-needling activates the beauty of your skin.

The state-of-the-art SkinNeedler micro-needling equipment by REVIDERM treats your skin at the surface with ultra-fine needles without stressing it in the process. The targeted application stimulates cell division and strengthens the resistance of your skin in a sustainable manner - for a rosy, fine-pored, smooth complexion.

Micro-needling optimises collagen tissue deep down.
It is outstandingly suitable for the treatment of lines and wrinkles, acne scars, age-related loss of elasticity, striae or stretch marks and with sagging tissue on the body.

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Skin Needler Behandlung

Skin Needler Behandlung

1 treatment incl. post needling set
Price: € 229,00
Every next treatment
Price: € 179,00
Surcharge for cleavage or hands, etc., each
Price: € 49,00
Post needling kit
Price: € 69,00
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