A gentle winter holiday beyond the slopes

A gentle winter holiday beyond the slopes

Celebrate snow in all its variety

Experience nature – the 5-star superior way!

Experience nature – the 5-star superior way!

The snow on your winter holiday in Hochgurgl is always enchanting, not just on the piste. It loses none of its brilliance far from the perfectly groomed slopes. It is magical. Spend unforgettable hours in remote snow realms, surrounded by the summits of the Ötztal Alps. Enjoy peace, mountain air, sunshine and the crunch of snow beneath snowshoes or winter hiking boots, the snow spraying out from under the toboggan’s runners and the tinkle of mirth between snow-covered treetops.

Climb the mountain on skis. Take them off at the top. Breathe. Ski down. In the deep snow. Not another human being in sight. Glide along the cross-country ski run. Skate along miles of pristine white. In short: glory in the variety of your winter holiday in Hochgurgl. Feel nature’s power. It’s a rejuvenation therapy. An elixir for body, mind and spirit.

No harm in a bit of fun!

Enjoy being sociable. Raising a glass in one of the region’s islands of delight after a heart-warming toboggan ride. During the day or deep into the night. Family fun on the new, bendy, three-kilometre natural toboggan run in Hochgurgl. A winter holiday – as exuberant as it is peaceful.

Multifaceted. Is it time to discover a new side to yourself? Try a sporting challenge away from the slopes. Freedom means always trying something new. We can offer all the advice and support you need – experience more with us.

Celebrate snow in all its variety - Experience nature – the 5-star superior way!
‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.’

John Muir

Tobogganing - from 3km natural toboggan run to romantic night tobogganing


From 3km natural toboggan run to romantic night tobogganing
Uphill through the snow. Slowly, on foot. At the top it’s time to take a seat – and then the fun begins! If you’ve never taken a bend on a toboggan – it’s high time you did! Discover numerous toboggan runs on your winter holiday in Hochgurgl. Even at night – combined with a hearty refreshment stop at the Downhill Grill.

A new, three-kilometre natural toboggan run recently opened in Hochgurgl, taking tobogganing fans from the upper to the lower cable car terminus of the Hochgurglbahn, which takes you back up in record time and comfort!

Snowshoeing and winter hiking

12km of winter hiking trails and a realm of Swiss pines
Experience nature and the power of your own body. Add sunshine and winter magic. Enjoy 360° views of the mountain scenery. Revel in the gentle side of Hochgurgl’s winter wonderland by snowshoeing or winter hiking. Suitable for the whole family, there are more than 12km of cleared and signposted winter hiking trails.

Make your way through snowy Swiss pine forests, across snow-covered meadows and along the Ötztaler Ache river. Now and then, stop to refuel in one of the rustic huts and inviting restaurants along the way. Blaze a trail across country or join a guided snowshoe hike. Your freedom is limitless.

Snowshoeing and winter hiking - 12km of winter hiking trails and a realm of Swiss pines
Cross-country skiing in Obergurgl Hochgurgl

Cross-country skiing in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

12km of cross-country ski runs with guaranteed snow for both leisure and extreme athletes
At 1,930m above sea level, snow is guaranteed from December onwards. 12km of cross-country ski runs, a 3km practice trail and 1km permanently lit. A paradise for cross-country skiers of all persuasions: pleasure skiers and extreme athletes. Ideal conditions for all levels of difficulty. Perfectly groomed for all requirements until well into spring. While the valleys are greening and bursting into bloom, here in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl the last cross-country skiers are still on the go. Eventually, they return home with golden tans and unforgettable mountain memories.

If you’ve never tried cross-country skiing before and would like to take advantage of the ideal conditions in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, or if you would like to take your skills to a higher level, the local ski school professionals will be delighted to provide instruction during your winter holiday.

Ski touring in a winter wonderland

Climb panoramic peaks – alone or with a guide

Virgin snow on mountain slopes, fantastic rock formations, icy summits and untamed glaciers. Solitude. Alpine adventures and the peaks of pleasure are within your reach. A few more steps. You’ve made it! Unbuckle your skis. Enjoy the panoramic view. Here in the Ötztal mountain and glacier paradise. Then: anticipation! Looking forward to drawing your first tracks in the snow. Ski mountaineers, whether beginners or experts, find an indescribable terrain in the ‘hautes routes’ of the eastern Alps. High Alpine. Impressive. When winter gives way to spring and powder snow turns to corn snow. When the sun reflects brightly in the glaciers – that’s the best time for ski mountaineers. If you fancy blazing new trails and would like some added sense of safety and security, we recommend using an experienced ski guide. If only to find the mountain refuge with the best views.

Ski touring in a winter wonderland