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Ayurveda retreat with expert Sandra Sharma

Follow the path to health, beauty and happiness with an Ayurveda retreat in Hochgurgl, Tyrol

Ayurveda retreat at 2,150m above sea level in Tyrol. A practising Ayurveda specialist since 1998, Allgäu-born Sandra Sharma will share her unique Ayurveda diagnosis and treatment methods at the TOP Hotel Hochgurgl in the high Alpine Ötztal Valley for the first time later this year at the Ayurveda Detox Retreat from 15 to 25 April & 26 November to 6 December.

High Alpine Ayurveda retreat

A healing method that is deeply rooted in human history finds a new platform. Passed down and developed over thousands of years, Ayurveda means ‘science of life’ and is the world’s oldest form of medicine. And it has now found its way to the high Alpine ski resort of Hochgurgl. It is here, at 2,150m above sea level, that the TOP Hotel Hochgurgl presents its first Ayurveda Retreat later this year with renowned Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma, leading to health, inner balance and beauty and leaving you on a high.

Ayurveda Retreat in Tyrol with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma
Ayurveda Retreat in Tyrol with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma
Ayurveda Retreat in Tyrol with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma

Ayurvedic abdominal diagnosis

About 22 years ago, Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma developed an Ayurvedic therapeutic concept geared towards the Western diet and lifestyle with classic Ayurvedic abdominal diagnosis at its core. The diagnosis method is almost like a massage, as Sharma feels her way from the abdomen to the neck to determine the patient’s current state of health, pinpoint blockages and establish their causes. Abdominal diagnosis, therapy and nutrition are also central to the Ayurveda retreat at the TOP Hotel Hochgurgl in Tyrol.

‘Ayurveda is a very complex approach to the body and mind that leads to healing wisdom, behaviours and nutrition. It has nothing to do with faith and spirituality, but is based on science and experience.’

Drop a dress size in just ten days.

Vata, Pitta, Kapha – the basic principle of the vital energies

The basis for any Ayurvedic therapy is the principle of the vital energies, the Doshas: Vata (air and space) – responsible for movement and activity, Pitta (fire and water) – responsible for the digestive system, intellect and emotional expression, and Kapha (earth and water) – responsible for body structure and fluid balance. All living beings carry the three Doshas in varying proportions. A person’s Dosha balance determines their appearance, behaviour and constitution. When the Doshas are imbalanced, the result is illness and disorder. With the right diet and lifestyle, the Doshas can be brought back into balance and the body begins to heal itself. The Ayurveda retreat with Sandra Sharma in Tyrol restores harmony to the Doshas.

Health & beauty start in the gut

The gut is central to Sandra Sharma’s treatments. ‘The majority of our immune system, and most of our lymphatic vessels, are found in the digestive tract. It is no coincidence that most lifestyle diseases originate in the gut.’ But Sharma emphasises that ‘we can cure them by regenerating the digestive system.’ The Ayurveda expert uses abdominal diagnosis to determine disturbances and blockages in the gut. The treatment aims to release blockages, eliminate disturbances and therefore restore balance to the vital energies.

‘When I moved back to Germany from India with my family in 1998, I soon noticed the difference between German and Indian eating and behavioural habits. So I developed a therapeutic concept especially geared towards the German diet and lifestyle that results in both long-lasting vitality and weight loss.’
Sandra Sharma

Ayurvedic gut detox at the Ayurveda Retreat in Hochgurgl
Ayurvedic gut detox at the Ayurveda Retreat in Hochgurgl

Ayurvedic gut detox at the Ayurveda retreat in Hochgurgl

The key to maintaining a balance of the vital energies is a healthy gut. ‘I use special massage techniques and oil treatments to tackle disharmonies in the body and mind that have started in the gut.’ Sandra Sharma then uses the results of the abdominal diagnosis to create a personal nutrition and lifestyle programme (not a diet!) tailored to the patient’s constitutional type. Sharma’s programme yields results after just six weeks, leading to a lasting increase in wellbeing and vitality, as well as weight loss. To encourage participants to follow through with the principles at home, the Ayurveda retreat in Hochgurgl includes an individual consultation with advice from Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma.

Sandra Sharma – Ayurveda knowledge and personal experiences

Brought up in a happy home by wealthy, Catholic parents in Allgäu in Bavaria, Sharma left her privileged life behind her when, after high school, her path led her to India where she came across the world’s oldest form of medicine: Ayurveda. Sandra Sharma graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in the Vedic Scriptures. She lived in India for eleven years, practising in her father-in-law’s clinic, one of the most prestigious Ayurveda physicians in India. Sharma will share her expertise and unique methods at the Ayurveda retreat in April and November in Hochgurgl in Tyrol.

Ayurveda at the cutting edge of science

As she developed her Ayurvedic treatment methods, Sharma cooperated closely with conventional medical specialists and pharmacists. This meant she could guarantee a scientifically substantiated diagnosis and therapy that has been passed down and developed over centuries, but is still at the cutting edge of science. Sandra Sharma operates all around the world as well as from her practices in Tegernsee in Bavaria and Sylt in Northern Germany. This year she is coming to the TOP Hotel Hochgurgl for the Ayurveda retreat in April and November for the first time.

Ayurveda Detox Retreat with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma

Ayurveda Detox Retreat with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma

26.11 – 06.12.2020

  • 10 nights in a double room (single use) – free upgrade
  • Ayurvedic detox cuisine, tailored to your constitutional type
  • Consultation with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma
  • 10 treatments, tailored to suit your personal medical history, based on the treatment plan for your constitutional type and taking into consideration treatment progress during your stay. Sandra Sharma’s unique, internationally recognised abdominal diagnosis releases blockages and balances disharmony, restoring flow and harmony to body, mind and soul
  • Daily Bewei treatment for cell renewal as well as muscle and bone development
  • Therapeutic supervision by Sandra Sharma
  • Discussion groups and personal consultations with Sandra Sharma encourage patients to follow through with treatment at home – the Ayurveda expert is available each day to answer questions and discuss concerns
  • Individually tailored nutrition plan based on the Ayurvedic nutritional teaching developed by Sandra Sharma, adapted to suit European eating habits. The nutrition plan considers the participant’s constitutional type as well as any individual issues
  • Concluding consultation
  • Ushnodaka therapy with ginger
  • 10 lymphatic drainages (50 minutes each)
  • Daily BEWEI treatment for cell renewal stronger muscles and bones

  • Daily Yoga sessions
  • Participants: min. 6/max. 10
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26.11 – 06.12.2020

from €3,883 pp
plus diagnosis, treatment and consultation with Ayurveda expert Sandra Sharma
€4,800 pp

Total: €8,683 pp

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Not included in price:

Ayurvedic herbs, teas and fortifying tonics based on Sandra Sharma’s recipes, tailored to suit your personal medical history and constitutional type (charges apply depending on service)

Optional extra with Ayurveda retreat: 3 JetPeel treatments (45 minutes each) including a JetPeel neck treatment for €497

Photo credits: Sandra Sharma, Michael Tinnefeld